French Cuisine: my honest opinion

Let’s cut to the chase here. French cuisine is, always has been, and probably always will be, excellent food. There’s no faulting the beef tartares, tartiflettes or boulangerie pastries I have had the pleasure of eating over the past 5 months.

I’m currently on my Year Abroad in Brive-la-Gaillarde; a rural market town that borders the Dordogne, and my taste buds have rather been enjoying their sojourn here. During the first couple of months I was taken a back at how in every, single, restaurant I couldn’t fault the meal or service, but now I’m heading into my 6 month of constant crepes and croque-monsieurs, it’s starting to take its toll.

I should probably mention here that I am fully catered during the week, and only cook for myself on weekends. Nevertheless, I had the idea to share some of my thoughts.

I arrived in France a meat-loving carnivore, but I’m currently contemplating leaving as a vegan as I make my way to Barcelona for another internship. Numerous reasons have led me to this decision, but if I have to eat one more piece of veal I might actually cry. Veal has become a staple part of my diet, along with duck and even gizzard (if you don’t know, that’s chicken throat). Whilst all this food has been (mostly) well presented in the school cafeteria and in many restaurants, I simply cannot escape the amount of rich foods I have been putting into my body every day. It probably doesn’t help that I’m living in the Limousin region – an area of France famous for its beef!

Now all this whining may sound ungrateful. That is the opposite of my intention. I’m so lucky to be able to eat delicious food every day, and barely have to make any of it myself. I’m simply pointing out the difference in diet and attitude to food I have experienced whilst living in rural France.

Please, somebody just post me some baked beans!


  1. I enjoy a delicious repast that isn’t too rich. I’m vegan and have been living in France since 2007. The diet is a bit different here on the Mediterranean where we focus on fresh produce.

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