Rocamadour: a hidden gem

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Deep in the French countryside lies the medieval town of Rocamadour. Nestled in the Lot region of France, the town is a true balancing act. It is quite literally built into the rock and appears to be clinging on to the cliff’s edge. A tiny town with a world-wide reputation, Rocamadour is a true hidden gem that is a must-see if you are ever in the area.

Rocamadour – a vertical village

More than just a picturesque photo point (although it is great for this), Rocamadour is a place of legend and history, and has caught people’s attention since the Middle Ages. The town became a place of pilgrimage, with the Sanctuary at the top of the cliff, and over 200 steps through the rock to reach it. Towering over the Alzou canyon, this vertical village is home to 8 churches and chapels – it’s easy to see why it became such an important religious destination.

On the lowest of the slopes, the town itself boasts beautiful gold stone houses, charming restaurants, and quirky boutiques. The winding streets lead you up towards the Sanctuary, and the whole town exudes the feeling of stepping back in time. One thing you must do if in Rocamadour, is try the local cheese. Cabécou – also known as Rocamadour cheese – is made with unpasteurized goats’ milk and is sure to tickle any cheese lover’s taste buds.

Even as one of the most visited places in France, this picturesque town might not be on your radar. The dramatic landscape holds a certain unspoilt beauty that deserves to be appreciated in real life.


  1. It looks amazing! We are both french and never even heard of that place.
    We are leaving to Bordeaux tomorrow maybe we’ll stop by if we have time.

    Thank you

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