5 European Cities I want to visit!

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Europe has so many incredible cities, it’s hard to think of where to go next! Here are my Top 5 European cities that are on my bucket list:

1. Stockholm

Scandinavia has a certain allure that cannot be matched by any other place in Europe. Dubbed a ‘beauty on water’ by its locals, the dynamic city is rich in culture, style and of course, cuisine. Walk or bike your way around Stockholm and gaze at the colourful toy-box buildings or the glistening waterfronts.

2. Seville

Sun-scorched Andalusia is the perfect getaway destination to discover the rustic side of Spain, away from the dominating cityscapes of Madrid and Barcelona. Known for its stunning architecture and authentic culture (including plenty of tapas), Seville has also been used as a filming location for Game of Thrones – even more reason to visit!

3. St Petersburg

Grandeur, history, and architecture are just some of the reasons that St Petersburg is in my Top 5. Picturesque parks, palaces and patriotism make this city truly special and go to show why St Petersburg has been named the cultural capital of Russia. Brimming with both incredible architecture and contemporary art, St Petersburg is a tourist hot-spot, aided by it’s incredible “White Nights” – where the sun almost never sets!

4. Reykjavik

Iceland itself has always intrigued me. Black sand beaches, blue lagoons and untouched nature sprinkled across the intricate island. And where is better to start an Icelandic adventure than the country’s capital? With an energetic nightlife, geological wonders, and museums galore, Reykjavik has plenty to discover.

5. Berlin

Berlin has a reputation that precedes itself. This marvellous metropolis boasts a vibrant nightlife, a rich history and world-famous beer all rolled in to one. Pitch that alongside iconic attractions and world-class museums, and you have yourself a must-see city. Celebrated for its freedom, creativity and grungy attitude, Berlin is a city like no other – hence why it has made the list!


  1. This is a great list – having been to them all my personal favourite is Berlin (but I’m biased as I lived there for a bit and speak German) 🙂 You can’t go wrong with any of them, and hope you get to travel to them soon!

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