Travel the World from your sofa

Lockdown boredom is well and truly here to stay. The initial excitement of banana bread and home decorating has been extinguished and the will power to keep going is ever so slightly dwindling.

For me, the urge to travel keeps growing ever stronger and is fuelled by the sheer amount of travel-related TV series I have been watching in my newly found spare time. I thought I would share some of my favourite recommendations – let me know if you like them!

1. Race Across the World

This premise of this incredible show, is that pairs race from one point to another, in order to win £25,000. Can’t be too hard, right? Oh, I forgot to mention, you’re not allowed to fly, and all phones are banned. Do you still think you can race from London to Singapore, or Mexico City to Ushuaia, without the use of Google Maps?

Competitors have a limited budget, and sometimes have to find work along the way, as well as making sure they’re not the last ones to arrive at the pre-determined checkpoints. The two current series are available to stream on BBC iPlayer, so sit back, relax, and watch a frantic race across the world!

2. Jack Whitehall: Travels with my Father

British comedian Jack Whitehall takes you around the world with his notoriously negative father, Michael Whitehall. If Jack is fun-loving, upbeat, and liberal, his dad is the absolute opposite, complaining about anything and everything. Whilst Jack attempts to get his father to ‘loosen up’, Michael is obsessed with educating Jack about every countries’ history.

Shown on Netflix, series 1 sees the pair travel around Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam, whilst the second and third seasons follow the Whitehalls as they travel Eastern Europe and the USA. Laughs, surprises and much more is promised in this unusual, uplifting series.

3. Street Food

For the foodies amongst you, this is the show for you. Focusing on street-food cultures around the world, the docuseries showcases one street food chef and city per episode. The process, history and culture of each type of street food is fascinating to witness and the show gives a long overdue close up on the incredible people that make street food what it is.

The Netflix series all but transports you to the cities it stars in, with the first series being filmed in Asia and visiting Bangkok, Osaka, and Seoul amongst other incredible cities. As well as getting to see the mount-watering dishes that are served up, you get a real insight into sides of the cities you may never have thought of or experienced.

4. The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes

For lovers of tropical destinations and architecture, this Netflix series showcases the best of both worlds. Award-winning architect Piers Taylor and property enthusiast Caroline Quentin travel the world visiting and analysing some of the world’s most incredibly designed homes.

Beautiful landscapes merge with even more beautiful homes, this series creates serious envy of the people who get to cause these extraordinary houses their home. Although The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes shows exceptional (and most likely expensive) homes, the series itself isn’t flashy – instead it focuses on beautiful living spaces in beautiful places.

5. Travel Man: 48 hours in…

Available on All 4, Travel Man takes a unique approach to travelling. Focusing on time-maximisation, Richard Ayoade applies a ruthless approach to visiting some of the world’s most popular mini-break destinations. Ayoade teams up with one celebrity per episode for a 48-hour mini-break to explore the city with a dose of his trademark cynicism.

With 9 series so far, Travel Man is a fun twist on travelling, with a refreshing tone that injects the fun back into travelling. The show also includes practical information, such as the annual number of tourists, and prices of food, flights, and hotels.



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